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Beta Testing | Task 2

Beta Testing Task 2

How long did it take to complete the task?
About 15 minutes or so

What was the configuration of the computer(s) on which you verified the software? (manufacturer, model, processor type, processor speed, system memory, operating system version)
Hewlett-Packard (HP 620)
Windows 7 Home Premium- Service Pack 1
Pentium® Dual- Core CPU T4500 st 2.30GHz
4.00 GB
32- bit Operating System

Which software development languages did you use? (LabVIEW? C/C++?Java?)

What problems or difficulties did you encounter?
None. Everything went very smooth. We did task 2 on both our test bed robot (T-Rex of Doom) and our 2012 competition robot (Thermite). Both went very well.

What questions did you have during the process?
When pushing an .exe to the robot, what is the specific difference between 'Deploy' and 'Run as Startup' ? I've usually used them pretty interchangeably..

What would have made this task easier?
Not much. No specific suggestion comes to mind.

Any specific suggestions on improving the documentation?
For the LabVIEW teams, the section under 'Build and deploy the new project you have just created' is explained through screen shots and the 'Create the new robot project' part is explained in step-by-step instructions. Its not that the 'Create new robot project' section is hard to understand (its very easy) but maybe it would be even quicker and easier to follow if it was in screen shot form. I also think that screen shots help rookies understand better. Just a thought.
Any feedback with regard to the software development environment, default code, or libraries?
The imaging tool looked the same as last year, so no comment.

Is there anything else you want to tell us related to this task?
Thank you for sending the installation CDs with bubble wrap. While waiting for the imaging to finish we were popping away.

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