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Beta Testing | Victor 888 Testing

Beta Testing Victor 888 Tasks

1. Before changing to the Victor 888, please describe how your robot drives, especially at low command levels if using the Victor 884. For example, does it move quickly and nimbly, or does it move sluggishly?
So since we most commonly use Jaguars, our original set up was with the Black Jaguars. We do have some Victor 884's and might test with them later this week. Maybe because I am familiar with them, but the Jaguars have always seemed to work relatively well.

2. After swapping to the 888, Please take note of any unexpected issues or behaviors and write them down. If something "weird" happens, take detailed notes about the behavior and what your robot was doing so that we can pinpoint any problems.
Well, nothing was particularly odd. We did have to calibrate them but the calibration process from the Victor 884 manual was pretty easy and went quickly and smoothly. Now that I know the light pattern, I'm torn. On one side, I'm not a huge fan of the fact that the lights turn off because normally when an electronics' lights shut off thats a bad sign. That and, the lights are often really helpful to tell which direction you are going in when testing. On the other hand the fact that the lights come on a full power, and therefore give an indication of when you are at max power seems useful. I'll note that when the joystick was maybe not entirely nuetral (as in tilted ever so slightly to a side) the CIM motors would make a kind of whirling noise, which we took to mean they were trying to turn but couldn't because they weren't getting enough power. I hadn't noticed this with the Jaguars. I guess the Victor 888s are more sensitive. So I think the Victor 888s responded just a touch faster than the Jaguars. I can't be sure though, since this is just judging off a quick opinion. Maybe it seemed to respond faster because I thought it would and I wanted it to. I didn't know of any quantitative data to take.

3. What type of drivetrain/mechanisms were these Victor 888's controlling? Motor types? Gear ratios? # and type of wheels? Crab drive, other?
We have this little test bot named T-Rex of Doom (yep, thats his proper name) that we use as a test bed during build season and beta testing where we can practically throw anything on him and just do whatever. (To break off an a tangent, I really would recommend teams build a simple test bot. It gives you flexibility to play around with anything without restrictions. During beta testing season, T-Rex just sits at my house and I can play with him whenever I want). We had outfitted him with four wheel drive, with two wheels in the front each with a CIM and four wheels in the back, where two back wheels on each side a chained together with a CIM. All of the wheels were standard kit of parts ones (I'm not sure if they have a name other than that..) We were having some issues with the front two wheels/motors, so we conduct our testing on the back set. We ran with arcade drive.

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