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Team Combustion Week 4 Newsletter


As we close up week 4 and head into week 5 we have made significant progress. All teams have made great progress this past week and everyone is putting in their all to finish their parts.


Build/ Fabrication-

Build and Fabrication has been working hard to build our robot. They’ve been cutting out the rest of the pieces on the superstructure


This week Controls has been working even further on Apriltag detection and starting the process of setting up what our autonomous will look like.


Impact has been working on our presentation and has the layout set and roles assigned to each member presenting.


Keeping up with events and documentation of our process.

Looking outside

Take a look outside of what we do to build our robot and into what we do to help out our community

First Saturday

On February 3rd we held a First Saturday around soldering. We taught kids how to solder and what pieces like a register, switch, and light work in an electrical circuit.

Delgado Trip

Team 1912 took some of their team members and sent them out to Delgado to help rookie teams build their Kit Bot. Making sure to extend our reach to all.

First Saturday Febuary 3rd First Saturday, teaching how to solder

Goals for Week 5

  • Being working on Intake
  • Finalize design on shooter
  • Continue working on the 100 Club initiative
  • compile a list of materials we will need for competition


  • Boyet Junior High STEM Night- Feb 27
  • First Saturday- March 2nd
  • Magnolia Regional- March 14-16
  • Bayou Regional- April 4-6