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Red Stick Rumble 2023

Last Saturday, Team 1912 Combustion competed in the 10th Annual Red Stick Rumble. 1912 competed at the very first Rumble in 2013, and at every event since.

The timing of the event a few weeks after the start of the school year lets us invite new team members to participate, and it marks out an unofficial end of summer projects and a shift to focusing on student training and skills development, especially for the new members.

The last few Rumbles we've been adding a second summer bot build so that we compete with two robots, which is allowed in unofficial off-season events, and a common way for teams to practice their design and build and allow new, younger students to lead teams and experience being on the field at an event. This summer's 1912 entry, nicknamed Wallace (named for a contemporary of Charles Darwin, the namesake of last year's summer bot), was a small but effective robot with a simple arm and intake for cubes.

Wallace marked our first try at programming a robot in Python. Based on our experience with Wallace, we're planning on using Python as our entry-level programmer training, perhaps with the new XRP training robot system and robotics lessons.