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We appreciate our financial, mentor, and in-kind sponsors.

Sponsors are a key building block of the Combustion Triangle that kindles our fiery spirit in the FIRST program. Similar to the components of a fire, without any of these elements we would be unable to be the successful team that we are:

  • Every team gets their start with funding and support of their sponsors, providing the spark.
  • Teachers and mentors provide the steady stream of guidance that feeds the fire of innovation, keeping it alive like oxygen.
  • Students form the fuel of the equation, serving as a vast and potential source of new ideas and products.

Team 1912 students like to show their gratitude through regular sponsor visits, where we present commemorative plaques and share our achievements.

Wildfire sponsors

Wildfire sponsors contribute $1000 and up.

The Decade Club - Wildfire Sponsors for 10 or More Seasons

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New Wildfire Contributors

logo-boeing.png         logo-ilsi.png           logo-lockheed.png       logo-tktmj.png

Bonfire Sponsors ($500 to $999)

Bonfire sponsors contribute \(500-\)999.

logo-intralox.png       logo-cleco.png          logo-infinity.png       logo-rotary.png         team logo The Rowley Family

Torch sponsors ($250 to $499)

Torch sponsors contribute \(250-\)499.

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Candlelight sponsors ($100 to $250)

team logo The Graham Family team logo The Fastring Family