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Outreach Themes

Team 1912 efforts are planned using these themes:

FIRST Flames

In our FIRST Flames program we introduce robotic concepts - and specifically FIRST robotics - to younger grade students and to the general public. Through demos and camps we give live robot demonstrations and planned activities. We find that the best method is hands-on experience, which is why we strive to let as many people as possible drive our robot, explore its inside, etc. all while maintaining a safe environment. A goal of FIRST is to create a culture in which kids idealize STEM heroes and dream of emulating them. At Combustion, we realize that in order for this to happen, kids must be exposed at a very young age. We seek every opportunity to show children that robotics is the new cool. We have visited various camps including Fit as a Firefighter, First Baptist, and 21st Century. This is in addition to co-hosting our own week long Science Camp that exposed one hundred and thirty kids various fun STEM activities. Throughout the year we travelled to our Annual Boy Scouts Expo, Bonne Ecole's Science Night, our Parish's College and Career Night and Truth 180's Teen Summit for troubled youth. While partnering with our sponsors, we gave demonstrations of PWR's and Michoud's "Take Our Children to Work Day". We often are asked back to demo and therefore make many repeat appearances at places throughout the years. For example, 2014 will make our eighth time at our city's Fourth of July Heritage Fest.

Ignition Team

With our Ignition Team we aim to start or restart more FIRST teams - especially FIRST Robotics Teams - in our area. With the benefits are overwhelming, the work required is likewise to have team. We hope to help this burden by providing mentoring in every area. We long ago developed a library of manual on technical skills to guide rookies through the build process. Having achieved financial stability ourselves, we want to spread our knowledge and contacts to those needing it, insuring that money is not a barrier to any team. Our how-to guide will impart what is required to run and team and the skills necessary. In addition to providing this handbook on our website and at events like our Jumpstart build, we are willing to personal visit teams to give more hands-on advice. The goal of our Ignition Team is to create a community of strong and stable FIRST teams.


Here at Team 1912 we strive to impact our community at every angle, often devoting time to projects that are not STEM related. Through our Torchbearers program we may raise donations to a needy organization in our area. We partner with nearby organizations on projects that range from the Special Olympics State Games to restoring our natural wetlands at Bayou Sauvage and Big Branch. Through the collective power and graciousness of our students, volunteering jobs are well filled and always enjoyed.